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A new digital revolution

I wonder if the technology we all use would be the same if  Gene Roddenberry had not written Star Trek?  Would we have doors that go swoosh,  flip top mobile phones, ipads and androids with touch sensitive interfaces. While down … Continue reading

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Research in Learning Technology Journal goes Open Access

1st January 2012 was the launch date for the Journal of the Association for learning technologies learned academic journal to transfer from the more traditional publishing model to an open access model. So what I hear you say, publishing is publishing same … Continue reading

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How to BLEAT – create a blog entry that reads tweets

This social networking malarkey is catching on, I have now created the BLEAT – you read it here first. If you want to insert a group of tweets in a blog or indeed any website then this has been made … Continue reading

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Chrome + HTML5 a new experience

The site linked below is a collection of HTML 5 examples implemented in the chrome browser, to run them you will need Chrome.  I have been using Chrome as my core browser now for about 3 months and have to … Continue reading

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Credit not Charity the Kiva Way

Credit not charity the Kiva way, a system that offers micro-finance and something I have been looking at for a year now that meets many of the aspirations that I had for the internet Continue reading

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