Chrome + HTML5 a new experience

Asteroids arcade

now in HTML5

The site linked below is a collection of HTML 5 examples implemented in the chrome browser, to run them you will need Chrome.  I have been using Chrome as my core browser now for about 3 months and have to say I am impressed with the speed and functional separation of code in each Tab.  Each tab is ineffect its own browser, problems in one do not impact on any of the other tabs or cause the browser to crash.  In three months the browser has not lost control.

The demonstrations in the link are mostly graphical but they do show the power of what we are about to experience.  We can expect a much richer  user-experience with the ability to implement a rich set of business rules.  To my mind another foundation  stone that will underpin cloud based services.

The browser version of Asteroids takes me back (remember you need a chrome browser to make these work)

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